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Whether you’re getting used to your first set of partials or you’ve worn full dentures for years, all dentures require periodic adjustments to improve their comfort, enhance their performance, and maintain their optimal condition. At Denture In of Bend, Oregon, Dr. Tad Burzynski and Dr. Andrew Burzynski are skilled at making nuanced adjustments and fixing minor problems before they become major issues. Keep your dentures in great shape by calling or booking an appointment online today.

Denture Adjustments

Why are denture adjustments so important?

Even the most realistic-looking denture is an artificial structure set atop the living tissues of your mouth. Because gums and jawbones change over time, dentures require periodic adjustments to fit and function properly. Also, new partial or full dentures sometimes cause pain or discomfort.

By making subtle changes in the denture structures or materials, your skilled denturist easily resolves these issues.

What kinds of adjustments are available for my dentures?

Denture relines are the most common adjustments performed on full dentures. During this process, your denturist changes the denture’s surface to match the changing contours of your gum and jaws. This ensures a perfect fit, and prevents gum soreness and irritation.

Although your new partial dentures are made to precise specifications, their metal and acrylic components can require small adjustments to fit comfortably and securely. As with full dentures, they can become misaligned as your gums and jawbone recede and change.

That’s why it’s important to have your partial or full dentures regularly assessed, adjusted, and maintained by a professional denturist.

How often do my dentures need adjustments?

How frequently your dentures require adjustments depends on the type of appliance and the condition of your gums and jawbones. When you come in for an appointment with your denturist, he examines your mouth and dentures, and recommends a schedule for adjustments based on his findings.

Typically, full dentures are relined every year or two and fully replaced after 5-10 years. With regular adjustments, partial dentures can last for five years or longer.

How long do adjustments for dentures take?

Most adjustments can be done while you wait. Relines for full dentures take about 30 minutes and fine-tuning for partials is usually faster. For a modest investment of time and money, you reap the benefits of beautiful, fully functional teeth for years to come.

If you want your dentures to look great and last a long time, be sure to have them regularly adjusted at Denture In. Call or book an appointment online to get them adjusted today.