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Night Guards/Sports Mouth Guards Specialist

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Whether you’re an athlete risking blunt-force injuries on the field or a stressed-out parent grinding your teeth at night, a mouth guard protects your teeth and jaws and enhances your oral health. At Denture In of Bend, Oregon, Dr. Tad Burzynski and Dr. Andrew Burzynski are highly skilled at creating custom-fitted mouth guards that prevent external and internal oral injuries. Call or book an appointment online today to learn how a mouth guard can keep your smile bright and healthy.

Mouth Guards

Why is an athletic mouth guard important?

Sports can be rough on teeth. Whether you’re playing hockey, baseball, or riding your bike, the majority of chipped and broken teeth, damaged roots, and broken jaws occur during sporting activities.


Made from tough but flexible material, an athletic mouth guard absorbs the force of impact from flying objects, collisions, and falls, protecting your teeth from injury.

What is bruxism?

Is your jaw sore in the morning? Or perhaps you often awake with a small headache or an earache. These might be symptoms of bruxism, a stress-related condition that causes teeth-clenching and grinding. If not addressed early, it can lead to:

  • Cracked tooth enamel
  • Damaged jaw joints
  • Loose and sensitive teeth

What is a night guard?

Made of pliant, yet firm material, a night guard absorbs bruxism-related pressure on your jaw, preventing further damage from clenching and grinding. As the name implies, you insert your night guard in your mouth at bedtime and remove it when you wake in the morning.

How long will I need to wear the night guard?

Ultimately, how long you wear a night guard could be determined by your ability to manage stress.


Although the exact causes of bruxism are not fully understood, studies have shown that stress-reducing activities like meditation, yoga, and Tai Chi can alleviate and sometimes eliminate bruxism. Alcohol and certain drugs have also been shown to aggravate the condition.

How is my mouth guard created?

All athletic mouth guards and night guards are custom created at Denture In. After making an exact impression of you teeth, your denturist makes a plaster mold that’s used to fabricate your highly durable appliance from acrylic or other materials. When it’s ready, your denturist tests the fit and makes any necessary adjustments.

Athletic mouth guards and night guards are your first line of defense against tooth and jaw injuries. Call now or book an appointment online to learn how Dental In can create your durable, custom-made dental appliance.