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Denture Relines Specialist

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Because your mouth is a dynamic, ever-changing environment, even the best-fitting dentures can become loose over time.  Relines are a refit of the gum side of the denture to the current structure of your upper/lower arch.  It is vital to reline dentures every 18-24 months.  Relines are standard maintenance like hygiene appointments are for natural teeth.  

At Denture In, a full-service denture clinic serving Bend, Oregon, Tad Burzynski and Andrew Burzynski offer high-quality relines that restore a perfect fit for your dental appliance. Don’t let poor-fitting dentures impact your ability to eat and talk. Call or book an appointment online at Denture In today.

Denture Relines

What is a denture reline?

During a reline, your denturist reshapes the surface of your denture where it connects with your gums. This ensures a secure, custom fit that lets you smile, eat, and talk with confidence.

Why do dentures need relining?

When natural teeth are removed, gum tissues begin to change and shift. After a couple of years, your dentures often don’t fit as well as they did when they were new. This can cause discomfort and difficulty with everyday activities like eating and talking. Relining the surface where the denture touches your gums restores a snug, slip-free fit.

What are the different types of denture relines?

There are three types of relines: hard, soft, and temporary. The condition of your gums and your denture type determine which kind of reline you need.

Hard reline

During a hard reline, your denturist removes part of the plastic surface from your full denture and replaces it with putty. From this, he makes an exact impression of your mouth that’s used to create an acrylic reline for your denture. Once back in place, your denture fits perfectly.

Soft reline

If dentures made from hard acrylics leave your gums feeling sensitive and sore, a soft reline provides much needed relief. Made from more pliable materials, a soft reline won’t irritate gum tissues. The only drawback is that they require more frequent adjustments than hard relines.

Temporary reline

If you don’t get regularly scheduled relines every year or two, you’re sure to get red, sore, and irritated gums. When gums are swollen, a hard or soft reline cannot be performed. Lining your denture with medications, a temporary reline reduces inflammation, and allows for a more permanent reline within a couple weeks.

How long does it take to complete a denture reline?

Hard, soft, and temporary relines can be done chair-side and usually require 30 minutes to an hour to harden. When the reline is ready, your denturist checks the fit, and does a final polish. After that, you’re ready to greet the world with a smile.

Denture In also provides emergency reline services, as needed.

Regularly scheduled denture relines increase comfort, improve oral health, and greatly extend the longevity of your dental appliance. You don’t have to endure sore gums and loose-fitting dentures.

Keep your smile bright and healthy by relining your dental appliance. Call or book your appointment online today.