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Missing even just a few teeth can impact your nutritional intake, increase your risk of heart disease, and sap your confidence.  Partials are removable dentures made with acrylic around a metal cast frame designed to replace 1 or more teeth. 


Partial Dentures

What are partial dentures?

Partial dentures are removable dental appliances that replace several missing teeth across your upper or lower jaw. Set in a pink or gum-colored plastic base, the artificial teeth are fitted with precision clasps that attach to your natural teeth to hold them firmly in place.

Partial dentures are generally more stable than conventional, or complete, dentures, which replace an entire set of top teeth, bottom teeth, or both. Though both types sit directly over bare gum tissue, partial dentures are supported by your natural teeth. This extra support also helps them retain their shape and last longer than most complete denture systems.  

Like conventional dentures, partial dentures are designed to be easily removed for regular at-home cleanings.

How are partial dentures fitted?

Although partial dentures can be made from a variety of materials, removable appliances made with cast metal frames, acrylic bases, and hard plastic artificial teeth usually offer the best fit and feel the most stable.

Precision partial dentures are made with hidden attachments, while less costly partial dentures are made with wire clasps that attach to anchor teeth. Although both options can deliver beautiful results, partial dentures with wire clasps aren’t always a good option for adults who have a high or low lip-line when they smile, as the wire may be visible.

The team of highly experienced denturists at Denture In know how to make partial dentures that fit exceedingly well, which both ensures your daily comfort and helps protect your long-term oral health.

How long do partial dentures last?

As the bone beneath the base of your partial denture shrinks naturally over time, the appliance begins settling and its base shifts. This movement usually happens so gradually you can’t even tell it’s taking place. As a result, your partial denture will begin to pull on the adjacent teeth that support it, sometimes causing them to loosen in the process.  

This is why, after about five years of wearing the same partial denture, most adults require new custom-made bases that compensate for any structural changes that have occurred in their jawbone.

Also, because the artificial teeth in a partial denture appliance tend to wear out faster than natural teeth or porcelain crowns, it’s important to replace them on an as-needed basis. Often, the metal frame will continue to fit for up to 15 years, while the teeth and bases can be replaced at a lower cost when necessary.

To learn more about partial dentures, call Denture In today or schedule an appointment online.