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Tad Burzynski, L.D. , R.D.H.

Denturist located in Bend, OR

About Tad Burzynski

Tad Burzynski is a highly regarded second generation Oregon Board Licensed denturist and hygienist, since 1992. He is involved in the Legislative and Education of Denturists for Oregon and the Nation. He is a past president and board member of both the Oregon State Denturist Association & the National Denturist Association, USA. He has served several terms as a board member and investigator for the Oregon Board of Denture Technology, Oregon’s regulatory and licensing agency. Tad is on the advisory board for the American Denturist School. He is also a proctor for Universal Testing, the examining body for new licensees, and the National Denturist Association. Additionally, he is a USA representative for International Federation of Denturists.  

In 2023 Tad was inducted into “The Brotherhood of Sterkenburgers” for his outstanding contribution and commitment to the profession of denturism worldwide. Tad is the 6th American to receive this award, as it is the highest regarded award you can receive in the profession.


1992- Current....Denturist/ Dental Hygienist owner of Denture In Denturist clinic in Bend, OR. (31st yr. In business)

2011- Current....Denturist/Hygienist owner of Bridgeview Denture Specialist in Newport, OR. (12th yr. In business) 

1997- Current....International Federation of Denturists Association – Member 

1997-Current... Office- United States Representative for the Denturist profession 

1998-Current... World Symposium Conference Committee 

1992- Current....American Dental Hygiene Association- Member 

1992- Current....Oregon Dental Hygiene Association- Member 

1989- Current....National Denturist Association – Member 
Current Board Member 
          Conference Committee Chairman 15 yrs. 
          NDA/USA-Representative for IFD 
          Held all officer positions including President- 2009-2013 (2 terms) 

1989- Current....Oregon State Denturist Association – Member 
          Held all officer positions including President- 2005-2010 (3 terms) 
          Oregon Representative for NDA 
          Author/Producer of Oregon Trail of Denturism video 

1999-2009.........Board of Denture Technology- (2 terms + filled additional term prior) 

1995-1999.........Board investigator (now called Board Special interest investigator)

2009-Current.....Board Special interest investigator 

1999-2002.........Associate of Applied Science in Denture Technology- 
George Brown College- Toronto, Ontario. Canada 

1990-1992.........Associate of Applied Science in Dental Hygiene- 
 Lane Community College- Eugene, OR.

1989-1990.........Associate of Arts in general education- Umpqua Community College- Roseburg, OR. 

1984-Graduate..Roseburg High School- Roseburg, OR.