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Tad Burzynski, L.D. , R.D.H.

Denturist located in Bend, OR

About Tad Burzynski

Tad Burzynski is a highly regarded second generation Oregon Board Licensed Denturist and hygienist since 1992. He is Involved in the legislative and education of denturists for Oregon, USA and National levels. He is a Past President and Board Member of both the Oregon State Denturist Association & the National Denturist Association, USA. He has served several terms as a Board Member and Investigator for the Oregon Board of Denture Technology Oregon’s regulatory and licensing agency.  Tad is on the advisory board for the American Denturist School.  He is also a proctor for Universal Testing the examining body for new licensees and the National Denturist Association, USA  Representative for International Federation of Denturists.

1992- Current....Denturist/ Dental Hygienist owner of Denture In Denturist clinic in Bend, OR. (31st yr. In business)

2011- Current....Denturist/Hygienist owner of Bridgeview Denture Specialist in Newport, OR. (12th yr. In business) 

1997- Current....International Federation of Denturists Association – Member 

1997-Current... Office- United States Representative for the Denturist profession 

1998-Current... World Symposium Conference Committee 

1992- Current....American Dental Hygiene Association- Member 

1992- Current....Oregon Dental Hygiene Association- Member 

1989- Current....National Denturist Association – Member 
Current Board Member 
          Conference Committee Chairman 15 yrs. 
          NDA/USA-Representative for IFD 
          Held all officer positions including President- 2009-2013 (2 terms) 

1989- Current....Oregon State Denturist Association – Member 
          Held all officer positions including President- 2005-2010 (3 terms) 
          Oregon Representative for NDA 
          Author/Producer of Oregon Trail of Denturism video 

1999-2009.........Board of Denture Technology- (2 terms + filled additional term prior) 

1995-1999.........Board investigator (now called Board Special interest investigator)

2009-Current.....Board Special interest investigator 

1999-2002.........Associate of Applied Science in Denture Technology- 
George Brown College- Toronto, Ontario. Canada 

1990-1992.........Associate of Applied Science in Dental Hygiene- 
 Lane Community College- Eugene, OR.

1989-1990.........Associate of Arts in general education- Umpqua Community College- Roseburg, OR. 

1984-Graduate..Roseburg High School- Roseburg, OR.